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In terms of the name, Kuala Langat is believed to have been contrived from its position at the estuary of Sungai Langat. In fact, it directly translates to “Confluence of the Langat River”. However, there have been similar folk narratives that have led to not only the formulation of the name but the reinforcement of it too. Correlating to the term ‘air hangat’ (translates to lukewarm water) in the Minangkabau dialect, it was said that traders who utilised this river as their trade route discovered that the water at the mouth of the river was consistently warm. On top of that, the selangat fish residing here may have further cemented the ‘Langat’ name.

Also referred to as ‘Langat’ by the locals, the initial location of Kuala Langat town was in Jugra (formerly known as Bandar Temasya). Similar to other areas in Selangor, it appears to have been founded by the Bugis community that arrived from Johor during the 18th century trade with Melaka. Although the history of the region most likely goes much further back, evidence suggests that Kuala Langat had already existed around 2,000 to 2,500 years ago. This occurred even before the expansion of the Malacca Sultanate.

In recent years, Kuala Langat has greatly transformed from the sleepy district, consisting of small towns and villages, it was once known for. Since the 21st century, the district has blossomed into the bustling and dynamic township it is today. Aside from modern infrastructure, there is a fastly growing manufacturing and commercial hub at the center of it all.